Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Weather or not

Because of our very flexible (some say impractical) booking policy we have an extra long week available at the end of September - 8 nights from 27th Sept to 4th Oct, which we're offering for the 7 night rate of £250. Or any 4 nights in that week for the price of 3: £150. Just in time for the Indian Summer, we hope. 3 New Houses however has its own long range weather forecast, as follows:- It will be windy most of the time and the weather will keep changing. If you can see the hills beyond Buxton then it isn't raining, and probably won't be for quite some time, unless there are really huge black clouds looming over them. If you can't see the hills then it is probably raining or about to rain. If you can't see the top of the field then it's raining or we're in a cloud. Whatever the weather looks like from inside, it will be much better when you're out (but if not, inside it's very cosy and relaxing, listening to the wind and rain and basking in the warmth of the stove).